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1. Vedic Mathematics Teacher's Manual 1 - Elementary Level

This book is available free here.
For teachers or parents of children in grades 3 to 7 who wish to learn the Vedic system and teach it. Revised edition 2010. 
Price $35 (including postage).

Click here for the FRENCH EDITION of MANUAL 1.
Click here for the ITALIAN EDITION of MANUAL 1 (goes to another website).

2. Vedic Mathematics Teacher's Manual 2 - Intermediate Level

For teachers or parents of children in grades 5 to 10 who wish to learn the Vedic system and teach it. Revised edition 2010. 
Price $42 (including postage).

3. Vedic Mathematics Teacher's Manual 3 - Advanced Level

For teachers or parents of students in grades 9 to 14 who wish to learn the Vedic system and teach it. Revised edition 2010. 
Price $45 (including postage).

4. The Cosmic Calculator Course

This course covers Key Stage 3 (age 11-14 years) of the National Curriculum for England and Wales. Revised 2010.
Price $90 (including postage).


5. The Natural Calculator

This is an elementary book on mental mathematics.
Price $20 (including postage).

6. Vedic Mathematics

This is the original book by Bharati Krsna Tirthaji which introduced the system to the West.
Price $35 (including postage).
Please note this book can be purchased at a much lower price direct from the publishers:

7. Discover Vedic Mathematics

This has sixteen chapters each of which focuses on one of the Vedic Sutras or sub-Sutras, showing many applications of each. Concise and comprehensive. Revised edition 2010.
Price $42 (including postage).

8. Triples - NEW EDITION - 2017

This book shows applications of Pythagorean Triples (like 3,4,5). Revised 2017.
Price $45 (including postage).

9. Vertically and Crosswise

This is an advanced book which focuses on one Vedic Sutra: Vertically and Crosswise. Revised edition 2010.
Price $42 (including postage).

10. Astronomical Applications of Vedic Mathematics

Various astronomical applications. New edition 2010.
Price $35 (including postage).

11. Why Do We Calculate Backwards?

This is a basic, easy to read, book which shows that we do in fact calculate backwards. It explains the advantages of calculating from left to right and demonstrates how easy it is to work this way. It does not claim we should use only left to right methods. First edition 2010.
Price $20 (including postage).

12. The Circle Revelation

This is a simplified, popularised version of "Geometry for an Oral Tradition".
Price $45 (including postage).

The original book "Geometry for an Oral Tradition" is also available for $45. Please click on the button below.

13. Vedic Mathematics Proofs

This is a technical book that gives proofs for the Vedic methods that were not proved by Tirthaji himself. Price $30 (including postage).

14. The Crowning Gem

This book shows a powerful and far-reaching application of the Vertically and Crosswise formula which will give powers and roots of numbers and the solution to polynomial equations. Price $30 (including postage).


15. The Art of Calculus

This is an introduction to Calculus, starting right at the beginning. The book shows highly unusual and simple methods for getting gradients and areas under curves without the usual confusing symbols and terminology. Price $30 (including postage).

16. A Trillion Triangles - NEW EDITION - 2018

This book introduces trigonometry in an easy way that is very suitable for children from around grade 7. Children make and manipulate triangles and learn how to combine them. This leads on to more advanced work including the 4 new chapters on solution of right-angled triangles without a calculator. Price $30 (including postage).



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